Nina’s Open House Tomorrow

The kitchen at the old El Gaucho

Nina Mikhailenko, the prodigiously gifted Russian-born artist, will host an open house tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 23rd) to showcase her latest work.

If you’ve enjoyed a drink or a meal at any of Seattle’s El Gaucho locations, you’re already familiar with Nina’s paintings. Her style has its roots in a late-19th century Russian movement called Peredvishniki, a loose group of itinerant artists who rebelled against the formal restrictions of the tsarist academy. Instead they painted populist themes: peasants, religious celebrations, landscapes. Her most successful works are commissions: murals of life on Pampas, bullfights, chefs, cigar smokers, jazz musicians, tango dancers, well-fed urbanites, rare wine bottles.

Details on her Facebook page, which includes a video. The open house runs from 1 to 7 PM at 9315 56th Avenue S. Excellent vodka and Russian treats; watch this YouTube to find out all the details. Or go to for a preview of her latest work.

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