Negroni Week comes around again

May be an image of drink

Usually a springtime promotion, but we were still in lockdown back then. So it’s Negroni Week right now. Sponsored by Campari (obviously) and Imbibe (a trade mag), it’s also a fundraiser (each participating bar used to pick its own charity, now there’s a list of some two dozen major categories.

Here’s the official recipe. The version I had last night at Gold Bar in South Lake Union was made with rum, an adjustment that might take some getting used to. No matter, it was a good-looking beverage.

I’ve written thousands of words about the Negroni, which is an aperitivo made with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari. Eight years ago I found myself on a wine tour in Italy and took advantage of a stop in Florence to check out the Caffè Cassoni, where (according to lore) Count Negroni first convinced the barman to add gin to his favorite aperitif of Campari and vermouth. There were five of us, so five Negronis.

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