Gambal’s Burgundy Gamble Pays Off

No regrets, says Alex Gambal, the wine merchant who moved to France in 1993 and has since then built a successful business as both a wine grower and wine merchant.

We first met in 2006 at a “Beaune on the Fourth of July” party in his back yard, where he was grilling hot dogs. By then he’d been buying top-level vineyards (Montrachet, among others). Now he has sold out to the Boisset a stalwart family-owned business in Burgundy and California. As reported by the Wine Spectator, Boisset will take over 30 acres of pinot noir and chardonnay plantings, in addition to inventory and the Gambal winery in the heart of Beaune.

As Gambal told the Spectator: “I never imagined in July 1997 having a wonderful domaine of [30 acres], so many dear friends and colleagues and having learned so much from them. No regrets at all. I am totally satisfied and pleased that the vines will remain in good hands with the Boisset family.”

And yes, that’s a Pike Place Market tee shirt.