After more than a decade, Poppy calls it quits

That’s Jerry Traunfeld, boy wonder when he was at the Herbfarm. After 17 years at the Herbfarm, he took over a biker bar on Broadway, named it Poppy, introduced the Indian concept of Thali to Seattle and basically reinvented dinner. Took over a spot down the street, renamed it Lionhead, and basically reinvented Szichuan food. But now he’s calling it a day, closing Poppy and moving to Palm Springs. (Lionhead will apparently continue to operate independently.)

His “replacement” is a Broadway neighbor, Nathan Lockwood, the talented chef who runs Altura, right across the street. Lockwood and his wife, Rebecca, will turn the space into an Italian spot named Carrello (Italian for shopping cart). Altura is one of those high-end, “tasting menu” restaurants, among Seattle’s most expensive dinner houses.