Color me green

New report this week from the Grocery Dive, an outfit that watches trends at the supermarket. The average supermarket offers a choice of some 30,000 items, and it seems there’s always someone waiting in the wings, promising to sell even more gadgets or widgets, canned or frozen, wrapped or natural. Food distributors pay slotting fees to get their merchandise in the stores and onto the shelves, and the competition is fierce.

So the latest report covers new colors. “Natural functionality” is the slogan. “Inspired by nature, backed by taste,” is the “industry insight.”

In plain English, this means bright colors. What you find in turmeric, say (vivid yellow-orange), or elderberry (intensely dark blue). Words like natural, bold, vivid, bright, juicy. Nothing artificial, no, no, no. Does not apply to fresh fruit & veg.

Oh, you think cauliflower is white? Not in Catania, on the east coast of Sicily; cauliflower is purple. Not in Palermo, on the opposite side of the island; most cauliflower there is green. Works for me.