Food adventures await…in Miami, Orlando, Nawlins


We may be smug, up here in the northwest corner of the US. We may think we’re on the cutting edge (tech, recreation, food). But Seattle is ranked in 15th place when it comes to adventurous eating, according to a new survey compiled by Apartment Guide.

What they looked at was the diversity of international cuisine options. According to these criteria, Miami had the most options per capita. Four of the top ten cities were in Florida.

Now, if all you’re interested in is the raw number of choices, well, Noo Yawk leads the pack with a total of 483 “adventurous” establishments. Seattle does okay, with 209.

What sort of place counts? According to the report, “Vietnamese, Latin American, Cajun/Creole, International, Middle Eastern, South American, Caribbean and African.”

Gotta say, “international” sounds a bit wishy-washy. Would that include Seattle’s plethora of sushi bars? What about our pho parlors? Depends how you define “international,” I suppose.

But hey, it’s their survey, and the company’s focus isn’t food but apartment rentals. If you consider yourself an adventurous eater, you probably want to know if you’d find something to eat in your new city.