Uncle Howard still thinking about sipping a soy latte in the Oval Office

If you believe the WaPo (and who, outside of Trump circles, doesn’t), there might well be another progressive candidate in the 2020 presidential race, namely Uncle Howard. But not as a Democrat.

The Post’s Michael Scherer is out tonight with a tightly reasoned look at the perils facing independent candidates for the nation’s highest office. Hardly ever happens.

Schultz is free to do what he wants, obviously; he’s long since retired from his day job as chief Mermaid wrangler. He’s got a new book coming out this month, and plans a nationwide tour to promote it.

Trouble is, one businessman following another with solutions to policy issues may not play all that well. Just read the comments to the Post’s story.

Quick update: Tina Podlodowski, the Washington State democratic party chair, had this advice for Schultz: “Just. Don’t.”