Next course? Nobody knows.

I write a fair amount about food, what people eat, how it’s prepared & served, how much people are paying. Comes now the end of the year and, once again, pundits are opining on “New food trends for the New Year.”

Good news for you (although it’s probably not news at all): as I wrote a month ago, nobody knows nuthin.

Case in point: a loooong post on with the clickbait headline “Literally every single food trend ….” Snooze.

Crickets? Check. Mushrooms, check. Marmalade, check. Gut-healthy, check. Whole Foods is into shelf-stable; Uber Eats notes an uptick in semi-exotic grains like farro, quinoa, and bulgur, not to mention vegetables like pumpkin,

Snacks, of course. Faux meat or fancy? Avocado ice cream, perhaps?

Kimpton Hotels, bless ’em, are into offal Tongue, dja think? Drinks that put you to sleep? Or Aperol spritzes? The great Kim Severson weighed in earlier this week in the NYTimes in favor of cannibis-infused eats. Works for me.