A buyer for Bar Cotto

When Ethan Stowell opened Bar Cotto in 2013, he was hopeful that Capitol Hill’s legions of hungry, thirsty hipsters would appreciate the concept of an urban Italian salumeria: cold cuts, sausages, cheeses, fried bread puffs, pizzas, simple wines.

Didn’t work out to his satisfaction, so he put Bar Cotto (and its next-door neighbor, Anchovies & Olives) up for sale. 

Not since Stowell closed Union (his very first restaurant) after the collapse of Washington Mutual Savings Bank in 2008 threw the downtown economy into a tailspin, had he taken such a drastic step. 

And now a buyer for the space has stepped up: a first-time owner named Brandon Barnato, whose previous restaurant experience includes a stint as the bartender at Via Tribunali on Queen Anne.