Whatcha doin’ New Year’s Eve?

Mark & Brian Canlis on the roof of the family restaurant on the last day of the 2010 scavenger hunt.

Had the Canlis brothers not chosen to take over the family restaurant, they might’ve had a  pretty good career as event planners, right? You recall their 2010 citywide scavenger hunt (photo), and a recent string of holiday events that featured nacho cheese fountains, Skee-Ball, hot tubs and even real snow.

Seattle needs a party scene, says Mark Canlis. A scene “worthy of our airplane-software-coffee jam.”In that regard, hospitality at Canlis is not unlike a Formula One racing car, where a manufacturer develops new technology on the tack before it turns up in the family sedan. :If we can do this,” he tells Seattle Met, it really gives us a lot of R&D for what happens at the table.”

Well, if you don’t have plans for New Year’s Eve, you should consider the Canlis party. Starts at 9 PM, tickets are $525.  Details and reservations here.