The snappy tomato

Talk about a coddled piece of produce! These babies arrived FedEx Overnight from a California outfit called Flavorful Brands, They’re promoting a hook-up with Bejo Zaden, a 100-year-old Dutch company that produces innovative, non-GMO seed varieties. Today’s delivery, tomatoes, will be marketed under the Tasti-Lee brand; it’s just the first step in their licensing deal. Others: Sweet Heart “Lettage” (cabbage that’s packaged like lettuce), kohlrabi (think kale), and another weird Franken-veg called flathead cabbage.

I get it, you want to de-commodify supermarket produce. And the tomato that exec chef Enza Sorrentino sliced for me and served as a caprese salad at Mondello was quite tasty. But that’s because she knows her way around tasteless tomatoes: add salt, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, balsamic vinegar reduction, and freshly torn basil; mamma mia!

Fact is, you could (and should) do this at home, too, with every tomato you bring home from the supermarket.

Today’s tomatoes were Tasti-Lee beefsteaks, but Romas (at half the price) are fine, too. Not so sure about the Sweet Heart Lettage, however.